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Holds the following licenses and permits for implementation of security activities:

The AGENCY FOR SECURITY SERVICES SCORPIO is certified according to the Bulgarian Standard EN ISO 9001 : 2008, a System for quality management being implemented and maintained. All employees are engaged to work actively in compliance with the drafted documentation according to the standard requirements with the purpose to satisfy still better the needs of our clients


 Management system for health and safety BS OHSAS 18001:2007
   Termless license for implementation of private security services throughout the country issued under the Law for Private Security Services (Official Gazette No. 15/24.02.2004)
   License for private security services for the protection of property of individuals and legal entities
   License for private security services for personal security of individuals, security events and security of valuables and goods
   Individual license for building up, maintenance and use of differentiated mobile radio and phone network (PMR), issued by the State Telecommunications Commission for the entire country
   Permission for use of individually assigned scarce resource - radio frequency spectrum for the provision of electronic communications
   Access to classified information to the level "SECRET", registered under a unique identity number, issued by the State Committee for Information Security
   Certificate data controller
   Permission for inclusion in the database of applicants to participate in international NATO procedures
   Document assignment NCAGE-code producer (supplier) of the NATO Codification System
   Permit for keeping weapons


International Quality Award QUALITY CROWN AWARD LONDON 2011 by the organization Business Initiative Directions, London, UK

   Culture Award for the quality of employees, suppliers and customers issued by the QC100 Total Quality Management Model
   Manual control - Declaration of the leadership of the "AC Scorpio" Ltd. for Management Policy

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1st August 1991 On 1st of August 1991 the Security Agency “Scorpio” Ltd. has concluded its first agreement for Security Services. Wherefore this date is considered as the anniversary of the Agency.Read more..

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