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Material and technical equipment

Equipment and resources relating to the performance of security services:

For performing the security services the Agency owes the complete necessary technical means.

Corporate vehicles including vehicles of high roadability, appropriates and equipped for the performance of security services
Firearms – guns “Makarov” and “TT”; rifles – “pump” type of the brands “Maverik”, Mozberg” and “Guermanika”; gas pistols “Arcus” and “Agent”
Stop-cartridges and cartridges with lead core without ricochet
Truncheons, handcuffs, electric torches, etc.
Normal and halogenous torches, portable searchlights, anti-stab vests, panic-buttons, binoculars, megaphones, portable detectors of metal, devices for night eyesight, control systems for patrolling and auto patrolling, special light and ring signaling, watch dogs, etc.
Modern stationary and mobile radio stations and mobile phones

The uniform clothes are provided with company’s logo on them and have been licensed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the respective badges as well.

Civilian uniform clothes

The security guards are wearing a distinctive mark on the breast.
If need be of another kind of clothes we will comply with assignor requirements and choice.

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1st August 1991 On 1st of August 1991 the Security Agency “Scorpio” Ltd. has concluded its first agreement for Security Services. Wherefore this date is considered as the anniversary of the Agency.Read more..

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