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NAFTSO - National Association of Industrial Security Companies


NAFTSO is a non-profit association and incorporates Bulgarian trading companies that provide security services, registered by decision No.1 of Sofia City Court under company case No. 2181 of 13th March 2002. NAFTSO is a member of the Confederation of European Private Security Services (CoESS).



BUSI - Bulgarian Union of Security Industry



CoESS - Confederation of European Security Services

CoESS has been founded on 26.10.1989 in Rome as an association of private security companies in all their forms. This 2009 will be celebrated its 20th anniversary. The goal of the Confederation is to ensure in Europe and all over the world the protection of national organizations’ and trade companies’ interests working in the domain of security services, to represent their common interests, including by harmonization of the national legislation in terms of its members activity.


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1st August 1991 On 1st of August 1991 the Security Agency “Scorpio” Ltd. has concluded its first agreement for Security Services. Wherefore this date is considered as the anniversary of the Agency.Read more..

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