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SA SCORPIO Ltd. initially has established its structure in Sofia and for the time being is has at its disposal regional representatives all over the country. During the years of its existence in the market for security services the Agency has more than 500 concluded agreements for security services with assignors that is still implementing and continues to do it strictly, with reliability and loyalty. Actually the Agency is carrying out security services of a great number of sites situated in various settlements throughout the country.

The Agency is established on 1st of August 1991. Its founders and owners are Mr. KAMEN PENKOV PENKOV and Mrs. VASKA ALEXANDROVA PENKOVA.

"Turning to look back at this distance of time when I undertook to establish the AGENCY FOR SECURITY SERVICES SCORPIO Ltd. I feel great satisfaction and pride thinking about the gained authority and prestige of the company in the domain of the security business in R of Bulgaria. But even more proud I feel because of the fact that in this extremely difficult period for the country in all respects, our Agency has ensured more than 1900 employments and thus multiplied by three at an average, means that 5 700 Bulgarian people did not gone hungry.

The national license for providing private security services by the Agency is the recognition of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the legality of our work.

As we did until now, in the time to come – the correctness, professional approach and experience, the reliability and the quality performance shall be the leading motives when carrying out the activity of the Agency. And precisely this shall be the guarantee that, as always, the Agency shall go forward and upwards.”

“We, the ladies of 20 and 21st centuries, are an important factor even in professions which are considered as typically male. We are purposeful, but patient, tactful, strict, tender and impartial. We are the strong support of our husbands and the mainstay in our families and family business. Anyone who trusts in our female intuition and potential, in our efficiency and reliability will not be wrong about us. I am thankful to my husband for believing in me, for the challenges I met with him and I am satisfied with our common achievements so far. I believe in prosperity of those companies who are considering the professionally assigned and performed services as their main goals and as their style of working.”



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1st August 1991 On 1st of August 1991 the Security Agency “Scorpio” Ltd. has concluded its first agreement for Security Services. Wherefore this date is considered as the anniversary of the Agency.Read more..

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