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About us


THE AGENCY FOR SECURITY SERVICES SCORPIO Ltd. is a private commercial company entirely specialized in providing guarding and security services.

THE AGENCY FOR SECURITY SERVICES SCORPIO Ltd. is offering complete licensed services in the domain of security ensuring personal security to physical persons, protection of property of physical and legal persons, security of public events, securities and cargos.

The development of  SA SCORPIO Ltd. is pursuing the strategy of its management as concerns the professional completion of the contractual engagements, correctness in partnership, embracement per branches of the guarded sites, the complete combination between physical and technical security by using modern technical systems, the structure possibility to assume the protection of sites in whatever city or settlement in the country.

The organization is striving to be the leading company in the said domain and among the first in implementing innovations in its activity, in maintaining and improving the qualification of its specialists and employees. The systematic keeping up with the needs of the market, the updating and the adequate response allowed to SA SCORPIO Ltd to impose itself as a modern and competitive company.

SA SCORPIO OOD guarantees your security: 

  • Protection of property and cash funds against illegal actions and offences.
  • Discretion when arising specific situations.
  • Tranquillity and normal functioning of the guarded sites.


As we always did, in the future as well the correctness, professional approach and experience, the reliability and the quality when performing the security services shall be the leading motives when implementing the activity of SA SCORPIO Ltd. 

Our main goal is to ensure the security of our clients /assignors/ while safeguarding each of them. 

In order to ensure quality of the security services we rely on the company experience in organizing the protection, in applying individual approach to any client, the responsibility and professionalism of our employees. 

Scorpio means: 

Individual approach


The quality of our activities is guaranteed by the experience of the company, by the responsibility and professionalism of our employees and the correctness of our policy.

The management board shall be working for the achievement of the following goals:

  • Continuos extension of the scope, the volume and the modernization of the offered security services.
  • Implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Certified System for management of the quality.
  • Improvement of the training, the qualification and competence of the employees.
  • Continuous improvement of the security service quality aiming to fully satisfies our clients.
  • Obtaining positive results and ensuring the steady progress of SA SCORPIO Ltd.
  • Strict performance of the assumed engagements and responsibilities.

The Management board and all employees of the company undertake to apply the system for management of the quality according to the requirements of BDS EN ISO 9001:2001 as a way for improving the labor and increasing the effectiveness of the security services.

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1st August 1991 On 1st of August 1991 the Security Agency “Scorpio” Ltd. has concluded its first agreement for Security Services. Wherefore this date is considered as the anniversary of the Agency.Read more..

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